It's indicated by this compilation from Moz of 10,000 sample queries used in the Moz features graph (see second chart below) which shows that fewer than half of these SERPs have the full 10 blue hyperlinks we have been familiar. The remainder are the features shown in the second chart in this post and also, of course, Google AdWords. Naturally, it's in Google's interest to reduce the number of organic results shown. As Moz comments: 'the removal of organic results in favor of other features has been happening (and expanding) for quite some time now. SERPs with as few as 3–4 page-one organic results have been appearing in the wild for well over a year'. The implications are clear - review the importance of the different search features in the SERPs for the keywords you target in your market and determine how you can gain more presence by reviewing the techniques competitors are using. Get the full story at SmartInsights