The online search marketing community recently awoke to the reality of local search. Collective minds raced. Innovators embraced altruistic ideas of how local search could operate.

The Web is now perceived as working within the confines of physical boundaries. Business owners' expectations of the information superhighway could potentially be translated to the corner of Main and Maple streets.

Local search innovators quickly lined up, each with a unique, inventive twist to enable searchers to find local businesses.

Such innovation defined entirely new breeds of local search algorithms, targeting capabilities, ad cost models, and rich business displays. Combined with social networking, interactive mapping, legacy business data, reviews, and ratings, they created the Mardi Gras we call local search.

Innovators now stand with their gloves open, waiting to catch the ball as soon as it's pitched. It's only a matter of time before they capture elusive small business advertising budgets.

Or is it?

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