Later this year, I'm finally taking some time off with the family, a real vacation. That'll include a week over in Maui, where I haven't been back to for about 15 years. That also means finding a place to stay.

I left it to my wife to figure it out, and she went out and came up with a few places after searching. One seemed perfect - its own jacuzzi, on the beach, plenty of room for us all.

She called me in to take a look, and all my search spam radar detectors started firing up. What's with this multi-hyphenated domain? What's with this keyword stuffing? How come a search on the name of this place is bringing me up over 500 pages all on different domains?

It's hard when you're in search marketing not to see all that stuff. I've described it to some people like that scene in the Matrix, when Cypher is staring at those three monitors with streaming code that looks like nothing. He tells Nero:

I don’t even see the code anymore; all I see now is blonde, brunette, redhead

When I do a search, it's hard to look at just the content I'm being shown. All I see is seo, seo, seo.

My wife used the "availability checker" for the house, only to discover that just sent an email off to someplace that never emailed back. Disgusted, she handed things over to me to continue.

I did a fresh search, then decided to follow up with one of the top sites listed that seemed fairly legit. I mentioned those 500 pages before. Clearly if you have a vacation home in Hawaii (and probably anywhere), you end up with multiple people trying to get you renters.

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