Expedia is strengthening its search engine, Trivago, in order to pose stronger competition in the metasearch space, along with its dominance in the OTA space. Trivago’s growth of direct partnership with hotels, an updated Hotel Manager platform with an aim to attract more independent hotels, and a stronger review structure through its Mystery Shopper program, are some of the measures being taken towards this end. Currently, when metasearch engines such as TripAdvisor and Google are showing a propensity towards encouraging direct bookings through their platforms, giving OTAs a run for their money, Expedia’s reverse move of strengthening the metasearch capabilities might actually work in its favor. With growing competition in the OTA space, stronger capabilities and diverse functionalities might help the company build a competitive edge to stay ahead of the competition in the longer run. Priceline’s Booking.com has recently agreed to participate in TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking platform, with the condition of exclusive branding opportunities. Hence, Expedia needs to compensate for its lack of visibility on Instant Booking. And what better way than utilizing its own metasearch engine. Trivago is currently testing a product in Germany which might be similar to Instant Booking. Many of the Expedia brands are participating in the product. Trivago is expected to launch the platform in more English speaking countries over the next year. Get the full story at Forbes