Think promo codes are a magic bullet that will give travelers that extra shove to make a reservation? Think again. Here are some of the most likely scenarios you’ll face instead: After researching for hours for the perfect hotel for her family’s next vacation, a mother finally makes the decision to stay with you. She goes to your site, plugs in her vacation dates and selects a room type. She’s almost done – all she has to do is fill out her information and reach for her credit card. Then, she sees the box asking for a promo code. “Oh, there’s a promo code?” she asks herself. “Where is it? How big of a discount can I get? I better find it so I can save money.” She tucks her credit card back into her wallet and opens a new window in her browser in order to search for the elusive promo code. Then, it goes from bad to worse. Get the full story at Tambourine