The precision of digital finally meets the impact of high-definition creatives for the most coveted audiences. The sheer scale of the CTV industry is staggering, presenting an opportunity in itself. Netflix surpassed 100 million subscribers in 2017 and an eMarketer study finds that Amazon’s connected television audience will outpace Netflix’s growth this year. And it isn’t just subscription services that are experiencing massive growth. Hulu now has a live TV offering along with their well known on-demand service, and SlingTV continues to add users, estimated to be above two million subscribers. Despite their relative infancy, ad supported OTT services like these already have sufficient scale to ensure campaigns can deliver on their budget targets. But in order for programmatic to break into the CTV ecosystem, industry players must work together to reach consensus on a critical and underreported issue: the need for a universal identifier for advertising (IFA) that enables targeting of CTV audiences. Without a common IFA, the majority of the $72-billion television ad industry may continue to do business like it always has: manually, with the buying and selling of premium television ad inventory conducted up front and in bulk – without any of the personalization and accuracy of programmatic. Get the full story at Digiday