Although supply growth appears to be slowing a little, Dubai Tourism recently conducted a study suggesting that the number of hotel rooms in the city is set to grow over 11% by 2019, with occupancy levels expected to remain at between 76 to 78%. More than 50,000 hotel rooms are expected to be delivered across the UAE in the run up to Expo 2020 and the prediction is that 25 million visitors will come to the country during the 6 months of the event, with 70% originating from outside of the UAE. But in terms of website performance, what should a luxury Dubai hotelier benchmark against? What’s the typical website traffic for a luxury Dubai hotel? What should desktop, mobile and tablet be contributing to your bottom-line revenue? What constitutes a ‘good’ conversion rate? The answers aren’t easily found through a simple Google search, or the data presented is often out of date and unreliable. Get the full story at 80 DAYS