True hospitality happens when you know the unique expectations of each guest and find ways to exceed those expectations, time after time. Doing this takes dedication, which hoteliers have in abundance. But it also requires knowledge of how consumers’ expectations change – and those changes can happen very quickly. Our "Consumer Mega-Trends Impacting Hospitality" report is a deep-dive into trends that reveal what consumers will expect. As consumers’ expectations are set from experiences across all verticals, it’s not enough to just look at travel trends. It’s important to look outside the travel industry to know your guests as people, not just travelers. The knowledge presented here gives hospitality decision-makers actionable innovation opportunities for their hotel brands in 2016. It’s dangerously easy to see today’s trends as only passing fads. Hotel brands that leverage these emerging trends will strengthen their current customer relationships by providing experiences that go above and beyond what guests expect. As you turn these pages of the report, you’ll notice that each mega-trend discussion includes a look at sub-trends and drivers on the WHY page, with examples of transformational innovations from other industries. We also include ways that hoteliers can act on these insights and prepare for what consumers will expect them to offer – ways of bringing these trends to life for your guests. But knowledge of trends is nothing if you don’t use it to drive future business growth and success. We hope this report will inspire you to act on these insights in order to differentiate and advance your brand, attract customers and, by doing so, maximize revenue. We all know the proverb that says “Knowledge is power.” Those who can know and meet customers’ expectations with true hospitality will have the power to build lasting relationships and authentic loyalty that transforms customers into lifelong guests. Download the free report at Sabre Hospitality Solutions