The following is one such case of a soft brand conversion that was successfully transitioned, with lessons for all hoteliers therein described. In Philadelphia, with a new Four Seasons Hotel in the making, the brand’s venerable Logan Square property represented an ideal opportunity for a newly independent hotel to make its mark on the City of Brotherly Love. The resultant property makeover, managed by Sage Hospitality, is now part of the Hilton Curio group. The senior team saw this rebranding as a chance to develop a truly independent, destination property that builds upon James Logan’s historical significance to the city as well as to the nation. As well, these executives sought to make the hotel more accessible to locals, as highlighted by an engagement program called ‘Living The Logan’ where monthly events feature resident art exhibits from nearby university students. All told, this rebrand is a daunting task that took six months to complete from mid-June to December 2015. While visiting recently, I met with Sandy Heydt, director of sales & marketing, to discuss this transition and the strategy for the hotel moving forward. Get the full story at Hotel Interactive Read also "Hotel companies make a hard sell for soft brands"