1. How would you describe the current state of Meta Search, and how would you prioritize Meta Search marketing? Meta Search marketing is not a new frontier in digital marketing and has existed in the industry for over 12 years with original players such as Trip.com, SideStep and Kayak.com. When talking about meta search as a marketing platform, it’s also important to note that the term meta search is industry jargon and is not known to the traveling public when referencing top travel planning resources. In fact, many travel consumers use OTAs like Expedia or Booking.com as their price comparison tool with only about 5-10% of travel consumers utilizing “true” meta search channels like Kayak.com, TripAdvisor Meta, etc. to conduct their travel planning research. When planning for meta search marketing in your digital marketing budget, keep in mind that meta search is just one dynamic rate marketing (DRM) format. With DRM, real-time availability and pricing is projected onto various advertising initiatives such as dynamic rate display advertising, dynamic rate paid search, email marketing, dynamic promos on the hotel website, etc. DRM satisfies the consumer’s desire to receive accurate hotel information such as location, reviews, and rate and availability. The bottom line when planning for meta search is that it should not be viewed as a standalone marketing channel and should be a part of a larger marketing mix, of the multi-channel marketing strategy of the hotel. Get the full story at HeBS Digital