In preparation for the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) , Wego - one of the leading travel metasearch site in the Middle East and Asia Pacific - is sharing some interesting data on the rapidly expanding Middle Eastern online travel market. "While markets may vary economically, Wego has identified common online search and booking characteristics within this region which are quite different to other locations,” explained Mohamad Ibrahim Masri, Managing Director for Wego Middle East & North Africa. The region’s users are young (between 25 and 35 years old), a third are female and most hold a professional or managerial position powered by internet-enabled devices. Travel plans tending to be for family groups are decided jointly, with an enormous appetite shown for new and alternative destinations to the regular hotspots, on the most part for leisure travel. - 32 per cent female - 46 per cent making joint purchasing decisions with partners - 40 per cent 25-35 years old - 57 per cent in households of over 5 people - 32 per cent accessing Wego from a mobile device - 3,500 different destinations explored online for flights and hotels Sources: Wego, Google Analytics and Effective Measure - March 2013 “Middle Eastern travellers expect travel information instantly and like to share their plans, especially when they involve new and trending destinations,” added Masri. “This is reflected by the solid numbers who use mobile devices to access travel content, a figure growing across all the 11 markets analysed by Wego,” he said. “Expectations of online products are changing too,” Masri shared. “Travellers in this region want to compare brands they’re aware of with those less familiar and select suppliers on their individual merits, not be driven down a single booking path.” Related Link: Wego