In the competitive and saturated travel and hospitality space, it’s no surprise that price is often the primary focus for customers. In fact, 41% of customers identify deals as a top differentiator in choosing a hotel. To capitalise on this traveller behaviour, brands must find new ways to build and sustain engagement that create real value with customers. One way to differentiate is to focus on relevant, fresh content. Travellers are always looking for inspiration and mobile is the ideal platform to tap into this discovery mindset and inspire trip ideas. By providing compelling photography, incentives to take action, and relevant content on featured destinations, brands can encourage customers to keep coming back for more. Hyatt is a great example of a hotel brand using relevant content to give customers reason to use mobile. The brand’s mobile web and mobile app experiences are visually rich, offer super-fast navigation and seamless booking. Hyatt’s mobile site aims at combining functional excellence with high-quality content that inspires. Further, mobile becomes a personalised channel between brand and traveller to create a truly memorable experience. Get the full story at Travolution