Out with the old, in with the new. In terms of SEO, whats falling by the wayside?

- Obsessively watching indexation numbers and rankings on ғtrophy keywords (like the one you know the CEO always checks first thing in the morning).
- Worrying yourself sick over ԓduplicate content penalties.
- Relying on Sitemap XML files to fix your indexation problems (News flash: Your rankings will still stink!).
- Exchanging links.

WhatԒs hot in SEO?

- Truly understanding and leveraging the power of "long tail" dynamics.
- Becoming a trusted contributor within Wikipedia, Digg, StumbleUpon, Netscape and Reddit.
- Building your network in MySpace, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Bebo, MyBlogRoll and the blogosphere in general, and then reaping the rewards of "network effects."
- Building custom search engines and rallying your community to help improve it.
- Link baiting.

So how do you measure the impact of this sort of stuff? A new generation of SEO metrics, that's how. Gauging your success on your positions in the search engine results pages is so last century.

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