That reincarnation was publicly launched with the July 27 publication of “Everything in Its Right Place” on the official Google blog. The post, written by Bradley Horowitz himself, admitted that while Google got “certain things right” with Google+, there were “a few choices…we’ve needed to rethink.” Horowitz outlined two major changes users could expect “over the next few months”: 1. Google+ will become more focused around “shared interests.” The recently introduced Collections feature was touted as an example of this new focus. 2. Google+ accounts will no longer be required in order to sign in and use Google services outside of Google+. In the coming months, users will be able to create Google accounts that, unlike Google+ profiles, will be completely private and invisible to other users. The first implementation of this change will be on YouTube, where (effective immediately) YouTube comments will no longer appear on Google+. In the coming months, users will be allowed to publish and comment on YouTube without a Google+ account. Get the full story at Marketing Land