Transaction data needs to include all types of on-property spending from the guest folio. Guest and transaction data needs to be stored and deciphered, then used to create accurate forecasts and market to our guests at the right time, on the right channel and with the right price. The hotel customer journey starts in the dreaming phase, or what we like to call travel intent. Our goal at this stage is to get the guest thinking about booking a stay at your hotel without visiting Expedia, or even Google. One untapped market I feel strongly about is social media, where a whole world of potential travelers and their friends are milling about. So we looked outside the traditional channels and partnered with Facebook, which is just now diving headfirst into the travel vertical. Jane Ng, product growth manager for Facebook, joined me on stage at DuettoX to talk about how travelers are using Facebook and Instagram to research, review and recommend hotels and destinations. Ng said that when consumers are researching travel on these social sites, their actions become intent signals that signify their interest to travel. Get the full story at Duetto