The Marriott Irvine Spectrum is one of three Marriott properties that function as "hotel labs," or properties where Marriott is testing new concepts. The other two are the Charlotte Marriott City Center in North Carolina and the JW Mexico City. Some of the tech products being tested here include a Bluetooth technology-activated key card that is being offered to rewards members with elite status; sensors around the property would ping a staffer's device with participating guests' names so that they could be greeted by name. Ultimately, the property hopes to use the program to obtain additional information about guests, such as whether they are celebrating a special event or their dining preferences, to better curate the experience to each guest and to potentially improve the overall experience based on cumulative data that could indicate which experiences are resonating and which could use adjustment. Additionally, the hotel has developed a virtual reality experience that it is considering offering to elite status members that enables users to experience forthcoming hotel concepts and provide feedback. The hotel will serve as a testing ground for other tech features as well. Get the full story at Travel Weekly