Bring the right traffic to your website with Guest Acquisition: Google Hotel Ads has fundamentally changed the way hotels are booked online. Google searches now account for 67% of customer journeys originating online, making metasearch is a critical battleground for hotels looking to drive direct. Unfortunately, OTAs continue to have the advantage when competing in meta auctions. Being masters of data, they can combine information about customer lifetime value, engagement level and market parity rates to impact their bid levels and win bookings every time. While hotels rarely have the budget or scale to compete with this sophisticated, algorithmic approach, the use of parity data, guest behavioural data and booking data could see them bidding successfully on the right traffic for their business and winning direct bookings as a result. That’s why Triptease launched Guest Acquisition. Guest Acquisition calculates the potential value of a guest and the probability of them converting to make smarter decisions on how to spend in metasearch. Get the full story at Triptease