Travel has the lowest Click through Rate, but highest Average Cost per Click (CPC) of the major industries reviewed by Wordstream. With many commission reductions having caused ripples in the sector, there is less meat on the bone for what is potentially a risky endeavour. Working a bit smarter should help mitigate that risk and allow you to take advantage of the only way of guaranteeing top spot on a search engine result page. Tips to help with your ranking - For money terms such as brand names, my recommendation would be to break brands out in to separate brand based campaigns to isolate any poor performance and protect your successes with long tail terms. - Keep reviewing your Search Query report for any unnecessary negatives. Eliminating wasted impressions will improve Click through Rate and benefit your Average Position. - Take advantage of the site links/location/email extensions AdWords allow. The improved richness of your ads will attract more clicks. - Break out campaigns to target specifics like locations, mobile and tablet. Here you will be able to tailor your ad copy to really sell that click. Get the full story at Smart Insights