According to an EyeforTravel report, the number of mobile bookings in the travel space has accelerated from 20 million in 2008 to 200 million in 2010. And, Google projects that 8% of all mobile users will be booking travel from their smartphones by next year. No doubt the transactional capabilities of mobile devices, combined with their ubiquity, are what have gotten everyone's attention. And wherever there are bookings, resources and attention quickly follow, all of which is a good thing. But bookings, although for many businesses the end game, are really just the beginning of how brands need to start thinking about their mobile strategies. Increasingly, brands need to be investing in mobile as a platform for servicing the traveler, providing a convenient way for brands to curate the customer experience and deliver exactly what the traveler needs, at exactly the moment they need it. The focus now needs to be on developing mobile in much the same way that brands have refined their development process for the web, moving beyond booking to create a platform that also allows travelers to dream, research, experience and share. Get the full story at MediaPost