Westin previously introduced the White Tea aromatherapy scent and free bottled water in the lobby and a "traveler's renewal" room-service menu that includes green tea and smoothies. It just announced that it's taking the theme of "personal renewal" to a website and an in-room TV channel that help people live happier, more stress-free lives.

First up is the findrenewal.com website, which features advice from a Westin panel of six "lifestyle" experts, including personal trainer David Kirsch and psychologist Dale V. Atkins. Daily tips range from Hallmark-y homilies ("be generous") to the medically-based suggestion to increase sleep-inducing melatonin by gradually dimming lights before going to bed. The in-room renewal channel is due early next year.

Starwood's Westin clearly is carving out a niche as a hotel chain that addresses more than travelers' need for a place to crash. Do Hotsheeters think this is a good strategy? Do you want your hotel to cater to your mind as well as your weary body?

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