Hotel brands fight valiantly against the online travel agencies in an attempt to sway consumers to book direct through their proprietary channels. It’s going to take an industrywide, two-pronged attack, however. On one front, the industry must lobby for legislation to prevent third-party booking sites from misrepresenting themselves as the brand channel. Fortunately, that’s already happening. The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s ongoing strategic offense targets beltway influencers. Recently, the AHLA successfully campaigned the Federal Trade Commission, which found and charged a third-party reservation center for deceiving consumers into believing they’re booking directly with a hotel. The ruling of the FTC bans the misrepresentation of a hotel’s identity, now requiring clear disclosure of third-party OTA status and a compliance report. And consumers are speaking up. According to Research & Polling, 88% of consumers desire transparency in hotel booking. Media Day NY & DC has found that 72% of consumers want the government to enforce laws on these third-party affiliates. Get the full story at HNN