Large images and other technical bolt-ons can slow a website down and prevent Google from crawling a page, causing low Google PageSpeed Insights scores that can harm rankings. Sharing plug-ins can also leave a site vulnerable to spammy bot traffic, which can pollute referral and organic keyword reporting in tools like Google Analytics or Webmaster tools if not filtered properly. Ranking well for high volume keywords doesn’t necessarily translate into revenue, and Google doesn’t always disclose which organic keywords lead to a hotel booking. With mobile and personalized local results gaining share, ranking software will show different position results to a user based on their device, location and even previous search history. That’s too many variables for an SEO professional to control and consolidate in a single report. Instead of requesting ranking reports from your hotel web design or SEO provider, redefine your organization’s metrics for success. Get the full story at Tambourine Read also the first part of the article at Tambourine