When making any decisions regarding the property’s most important digital asset, the website, there are many factors to consider which could make or break your online distribution strategy. The website’s look and feel, while extremely important, is only one piece of the revenue-generating puzzle. Whether or not you choose to invest in the right technology that allows for a robust merchandizing strategy – specifically the Content Management System (CMS) – plays a huge role in whether or not you will be able to maximize revenues from the direct online channel, convert your website visitors and meet your revenue goals. Choosing an open source CMS to power a hotel website is extremely risky and limiting in terms of what you are going to be able to achieve. Here are some reasons why: 1. Open source CMS’ are very vulnerable to security issues. It’s all in the name. Free, open source systems are used by many small blogs and content websites making them an “appetizing” target to the army of hackers out there. Why do hackers target WordPress and other open source CMS platforms? WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and CMS platforms for private blogs and small content websites out there. Though some “junior” hackers may do this for “the kicks of it,” serious hackers can make a ton of money by hacking eCommerce (e.g. hotel websites) or bigger websites by actively altering content and marketing messages, re-directing website visitors to outside commercial websites (e.g. affiliate websites, gaming and porno sites, etc.), or uploading malicious codes and viruses that turn your website into a “virus spamming machine.” Get the full story at HeBS Digital