In the corporate travel industry, where an exceptional traveler experience is crucial to success, data is the new currency. Data provides an in-depth look at your travel spend through actionable traveler insights. Using predictive analytics, companies can mine and analyze troves of travel and expense (T&E) data, for example, at scale to enhance decision making, from driving spend pattern to managing negotiated rates or to prep for rising hotel costs. Additional data doesn’t always equate to faster or more insightful answers though. Nor does it necessarily warrant hiring an army of data scientists to deliver those answers. According to Sabre, travel buyers spend an average of 40 hours per month reconciling travel expenses and payment data. Think about how much time and money that equates to over the course of a year. Machine learning advancements have the potential to strip the laborious aspects of analyzing data for travel program managers, allowing them to spend more time taking action. Get the full story at Egencia