Speaking at an Afar magazine “Conversations” event here at the recently opened Marmara Hotel, Sternlicht said he expects to see more consolidation among hotel companies, and suggested that hoteliers’ perception of OTAs as a significant threat has not diminished over time. “Booking.com has been a disaster for the hotel industry,” he said. He recounted his efforts to organize hotel companies in a joint booking site similar to Orbitz, but said it failed, in part, because “Bill Marriott didn't believe in the Internet. He didn't believe it would hurt us.” (Starwood, Marriott, Hilton and InterContinental Hotels Group joined forces with Priceline and Pegasus Solutions to launch Travelweb in 2003. It was subsequently taken over by Priceline. Priceline and Booking.com are both part of the Priceline Group.) Citing airlines’ success in disintermediating OTAs and travel agents, he said that in hospitality, “You would think the intermediary would go away. But Expedia made 22% [commission] at the peak.” Get the full story at Travel Weekly