Included in the HeBStrategy Q2 2016 Edition: What Happened in Q1: The Shortlist: A clear and concise recap of the hospitality industry’s most important headlines from Q1 2016. This edition’s snapshot includes information on rising distribution costs, the increasing popularity of book direct programs, big updates to Google’s search results layout, and yet another reason to embrace mobile-friendly website design and development. Q2 What’s Next Summary: includes information and insights on how to prepare for the summer season with fewer Americans traveling abroad, a new Google mobile update, multichannel marketing campaign kickoff tips, and how hoteliers have a leg up over Airbnb. Articles, Action Plans & Info: A summary of HeBS Digital’s most popular articles and content from Q1 2016, including “Google Just Upped the Penalty for Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Hotel Website” and “Expedia’s Accelerator Program – The Final Nail in the Coffin of Hotel Profitability.” Multi-Channel Campaigns: Make the most of your upcoming multichannel campaigns with these innovative ideas on how to drive bookings for spring weekdays or weekends, generate last-minute bookings, and encourage guests to book in advance. Metrics that Matter: With so many key performance indicators to watch, it’s tough to distill all the available information into actionable data. The whitepaper includes tips on how to execute and evaluate successful social media and display campaigns. Idea Shop: Quick, easy-to-implement digital marketing campaign ideas and special offer inspiration. From Tax Day to Mother’s and Father’s Day specials to deals surrounding Summer Solstice and Graduation Season, there’s an idea to suit every hotel. Download the whitepaper at HeBS Digital