Created by HeBS Digital, the whitepaper outlines how hoteliers can think big picture to reach their consumers in all stages of the travel planning journey: by engaging, acquiring, and retaining past and future guests. Download the HeBStrategy Q2 2016 Edition to learn about: - Notable Q2 Events: Includes ‘book direct’ campaigns taking over the limelight, a review of whether meta search marketing is still a viable channel for producing high return-on-investment, and an important reminder that campaigns now need to be ‘mobile-centric.’ - Q3 Trends Shaping the Industry: addresses how hoteliers can improve the bottom line with supply and demand reaching equilibrium, new opportunities offered by Google in the world of SEM, the launch budgeting season for 2017, how content marketing has reached a critical point, and what hoteliers need to know about how the strong dollar should shape their strategy. - Last Quarter’s Articles & Events: A summary of HeBS Digital’s most popular articles and content from Q1 2016, including how to combat OTA dependency and increase direct website bookings, a checklist for luxury hotel digital marketing best practices, a recap of the Q2 Strategy Forecast & Action Plan webinar, and more. - Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas: Make the most of your upcoming multichannel campaigns with these innovative ideas on how to drive bookings for summer weekdays and weekends, boosting advanced bookings, and fulfilling last-minute occupancy needs. - Tips & Tricks to Apply to Your Campaigns: In the ‘Metrics that Matter’ section, the whitepaper includes tips on how to execute successful SEM and Facebook advertising campaigns, as well as how using ‘Intent data’ generates 4x the return of a CRM data-only digital marketing campaign. - Actionable Digital Marketing Ideas: Quick-to-implement digital marketing campaign ideas and special offer inspiration for upcoming summer events. Download the whitepaper at HeBS Digital