The conversion rate of a hotel website is determined by so many factors that one shouldn’t be fooled into trying to meet an industry average. Instead one needs to understand the factors that make up those rates and try to improve each point. As a full service hotel distribution and technology company in FASTBOOKING we have access to thousands of hotel website data. As we frequently get asked what is a good conversion rate, we have done a deep dive into the data from hundreds of hotels across the world, in big cities, small cities, on beach resorts or business locations. We’ve looked at hotel chains, groups and individual hotels to put together a broad set of data. From all that research and looking and working with our experts and client advisors we’ve put together an overview of what makes and what breaks hotel website conversion rates and what hoteliers can do about it. Including some tips on what one should or shouldn’t worry about. Get the full story at Fastbooking