As for the stigma that attached itself to the word "luxury" after the global economic crash, Adam Weissenberg, vice chairman and global leader of the travel, hospitality and leisure segment at Deloitte, said, "It's not a bad word anymore." Weissenberg predicted that demand, and prices, will only keep rising as luxury travelers clamor to roam the globe while banks remain hesitant to finance new high-end hotels and big cities like New York, Paris and Hong Kong run out of room for growth. Not only do luxury hotel and tour companies agree that the industry has seen a complete turnaround to no-apologies opulence, but a new generation of travelers willing to expand their budgets for off-the-beaten-path and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is creating a second category of luxury traveler for agents to tap. "The younger generation is really traveling," Weissenberg said. "They are looking for more experiences." He recalled that a couple of "my best friends went to Africa, stayed at a luxury place to start, then biked somewhere in Africa and dropped off their bikes in some little village where they donated the bikes." Get the full story at Travel Weekly