Potential transient hotel guests seeking to book a room have many options from which to choose. There are two types of transient channels: Direct channels booked with the hotel and indirect channels booked with a third party. An increasing proportion of hotel rooms are booked through indirect channels, which is not surprising, considering their size, market power, and customer awareness. The percentage of transient rooms booked through indirect channels has increased considerably in the last two years from 23.2 percent in 2014 to 27 percent in the 12 months ending in June 2016. In terms of actual room nights, this increase works out to 121,000 incremental rooms booked each day through indirect channels (increases in room night demand were included in the calculations). On an annualized basis, this means more than 44 million additional room nights booked were through an indirect channel over the two years ending in June 2016. For hotels, indirect bookings typically come with a higher cost of acquisition compared to direct channel bookings. Therefore, many brands are now putting a larger focus on driving guests to book directly. Get the full story at Lodging