Slowly catching on to the latest technology trends, traditional hotels are now also wanting to offer their guests more technology, boost their online booking rates and/or update their image. In that respect, according to hetras' managing director Philip von Ditfurth, "the best technology is the kind that guests don't even notice is there and just does its job." However, von Ditfurth also believes that mobile hotel check-in and room entry systems are generally going to move more and more center stage in 2015. "The air travel sector", so von Ditfurth, "has already successfully shown us how." That notwithstanding, von Ditfurth is also convinced that the hotel sector is going to adopt far more rapidly to modern technologies, such as the equivalent of the mobile check-in and boarding card systems used by the air travel sector in recent years. A simple and elegant technology What this means in detail is that hotel guests take control over their stay. These days, most people check in for their flights from their smartphones - which is exactly what is also happening in the hotel sector now. "If you are able to chose your seat on a plane from your mobile, it doesn't require much of a stretch of the imagination to recognize that you should also be able to chose a place to sleep - i.e. to book a room to sleep, from your mobile phone", explained von Ditfurth. This view is very much shared by Christian Dorow, owner and managing director of Hotel Prinz in Munich, who explained that "We are trying to make our guests' hotel stay as pleasant and as uncomplicated as possible. If, for example, routine actions such as checking in and out can be completed in a more simple and elegant way using the right technology, then that has to be an advantage." Christian Dorow has now been a hetras customer since 2013 in order to pursue a very clear goal: "hetras' technology frees up our staff and so allows them to attend far better to each individual guest." Three trends for 2015: 1. Mobile hotel check-in and room entry systems are 'hip'. 2. Just as most New Generation Hotels have already been doing for some time, traditional hotels are now also increasingly enabling guests to book standard services from their phones (conference rooms, gym use or room service). 3. Huge monolithic systems are being replaced with lean applications with intelligent interfaces. Related Link: Hetras