The explosion of non-desktop customer engagements presents a major challenge to hotel marketers: creating and managing a digital presence across three distinct distribution and marketing channels (desktop, mobile, and tablet). No doubt, hoteliers must invest in and take advantage this multi-channel, multi-device world we live in. The most notable developments in the First Half of 2014: - Over 41% of web visitors and nearly 38% of page views were generated from non-desktop devices (mobile and tablet). - Nearly 16% of bookings, 19% of room nights and 14% of revenue came from tablets and mobile devices. If we include voice reservations originating from the hotel mobile website, over 25% of bookings and revenue originates from the non-desktop channel. - Tablets generated 224% more room nights and 283% more revenue than “pure” mobile devices. - The iPad outperformed all other tablet devices and was responsible for 95% of tablet revenue and over 85% of visitors. Get the full story at HeBS Digital