Time for a reality check: Since its inception in October 2000, pay per click advertising, aka Google Adwords, has been Google's nonstop money-making Golden Goose. All the actions (algorithm updates, layout changes, etc.) that Google implements every few months have a clear goal, which is to make sure that Google can sell more ads. Google cares very much about pay per click, because billions in revenue depends on it. They need it to work for you. Hotel marketers and owners simply cannot overlook or ignore PPC. Unscrupulous marketing "experts" love to trash PPC as a waste of funds. You should run from those who advise using search engine optimization (SEO) as a replacement for PPC. SEO is important, but only PPC can explicitly guarantee you placement in exchange for your investment. Every time someone starts talking about how they are not doing pay per click marketing because they are focusing on SEO, an angel in revenue heaven dies. Get the full story at Hospitality.Net