SPG Keyless is supported within the SPG app, a travel app that delivers a customized experience for preferred guests to access their SPG points, unlock rewards and promotions, along with a variety of booking features. Additional enhancements to the app are built to heighten the Starwood ‘whatever, whenever’ experience. The smart check-in system marks an industry-first, redefining the way guests arrive to their room in a few seamless steps. How it works: Starwood guests register their phone through the SPG App (if they haven’t already done so), and are invited to the SPG Keyless experience upon booking their reservation at one of the participating hotels. The app allows users to select the nature of their trip such as business or pleasure to ensure their correct phone is activated. The user receives an alert when their room is ready, a notification of their room number and potential upgrade. The technology automatically and securely checks-in guests, allowing them to go directly to their room. The guest simply needs to open the SPG App and hold their smartphone in front of the door lock to enter their room. A solid green light and vibrating buzz offers sensory alerts to open the door. Get the full story at psfk