If you think your customer isn't concerned about environmental issues, or won't pay a premium for products that are more eco-responsible, think again. You may just find an opportunity to enhance your product's performance and strengthen your customer's loyalty—and command a higher price.

Like all new products, green products have had their share of whoppers: remember General Motors' EV1 electric car? Hefty's photodegradable trash bags? Earthlight compact fluorescent light bulbs? All these were doomed to the "green graveyard" for refusing to address one of the key rules of green marketing success: balance environmental issues with primary customer needs.

Happily, for every product that's failed there are many others that incorporated the lessons of good green marketing and achieved success. What did the losers fail to do? What did the winners do differently? Here's how you can incorporate those lessons to uncover a potent new source of opportunity for your own business.

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