Research into traveler behavior while searching for accommodation online begins with sources of inspiration that potentially influence the search process, active evaluation, and booking decision. Therefore, respondents were questioned about which sources they find most inspirational. Leading the list, was Google Search, which nearly half (48%) of respondents selected, followed closely by (43%) Booking Engines, and (42%) Facebook. Ninety-one percent of travelers revealed that they turn to search engines during the search process, with most (81%) preferring Google to aid in their search for a place to stay. These figures confirmed that the use of Google as a framework to make other booking observation proves to be representative of the traveler sample. When presented with a simulated search engine, respondents revealed many of the search terms they would use when beginning their accommodation search. The results are that travelers were most likely to search term related to hotels (57%), location (49%), or a combined search including both terms: hotels and location (31%). Respondents were then entered into the simulated situation for search results for hotels in a specific city. Google algorithms pick-up on these common search terms and may display summarized hotel results within Google’s organic search results. Sixty-six percent of travelers confirmed having seen these summarized results in previous searches. The majority of respondents (61%) have also actively used Google’s hotel results during their accommodation search. Download the full study at TrustYou (free registration)