If we take a look at online payment preferences in China, online bank transfers and eWallets (Alipay being the largest) are almost as popular as credit/debit cards (26%, 29% and 33% preference respectively)². Indeed, the most popular payment method providers are barely 10-15 years old, whereas in Europe and the US they have been long established. Understanding local customs, tastes and preferences is vital before attempting to target the Chinese market, and this obliges travel providers to give some serious thought into adapting their payment solutions to satisfy them. If travel providers do not offer their customers the possibility to pay with Alipay or UnionPay, they risk not making the most of China’s immense market potential. In the payments world unfortunately there is no global one-size-fits-all payment method, so travel providers need to serve and adapt locally first if they want to truly make a global footprint. Thankfully, with APP’s global coverage they will not have to worry. Get the full story at Amadeus