There's a kind of page that shows up on websites that I think of as everyday pages. These are commonly appearing pages that you might see on almost every website, such as the "contact" page, the "about us," the "terms of service" and the "privacy policy." These are pages that I see small business sites not taking advantage of enough.

Often, these pages are sadly underutilized from a search engine optimization perspective, with such imaginative titles as "Contact", "About Us," "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy." I've also see "Glossary," "Directions," and "Frequently Asked Questions," or "FAQ." Considering that a page title is one of the most important elements of a page for SEO, chances are that these pages were overlooked as a possible entryway into those sites from search engines.

The content that appears on many of these pages isn't much better. Privacy policy pages often appear as if they were written by a lawyer or copied from a template, with language either thick with legalese, or so generic that you could be on a page of almost any type of website at all. Directions pages often show a couple of maps and no text at all, or bland lists of turns and twists and stops along highways and back roads.

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