The industry is abuzz from the NYT article by Tom Friedman blessing the sharing revolution, his closing line states; “The sharing economy - watch this space. This is powerful.” In this piece, Tom cited Airbnb starting to eat away at market share, and compares this rapidly growing startup to other giant hotels, like Hilton. For most large corporations and established institutions, the natural reaction to an invader is to fight them. For hotels, they’ve continued to fund lobbyists who support the established hospitality industry, and are fighting Airbnb at every guest room, house, and city around the globe. Yet, hotels like IHG, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood and others don’t have to fight this inevitable movement. Instead they can collaborate with this market and profit. How? They can provide by adding new value added services, take a cut from the transaction costs, and reduce operating expenses. In this most advanced form, hotels themselves could create their own two sided marketplaces and host their own HiltonBnB. Then they could facilitate the matching of hosts and guests at local locations like guest houses, vacation homes and other inventory on AirBnb. Following this, hotels could take a cut of every transaction, and provide new value added services like cleaning, concierge services, and even sell branded goods to local hosts. Local hosts get trusted customers, guests get local experiences at a standardized quality, and the hotel gets new revenues. Get the full story at Jeremiah Owyang's blog