“There are so many opportunities still for Booking,” he said at WIT Indonesia. While the brand’s been around in Europe for 15 years, it’s really only seven years old in Asia and it was just in the last two to three years that it started focusing in earnest on the region, he said. “There is still a lot more we need to do to build the brand and grow our business.” But there is definitely no escaping the fact that Booking.com has been stepping up its activities in the region, hiring more key staff and opening more offices. Expedia Asia is also ramping up in the region. Its increased stake to 75% in the Expedia-AirAsia joint venture, taking it to 75%, puts it in the driving seat and there has been a reorganisation which will see more resources committed to the region. “My colleagues now think I have the coolest job in the world,” said Kathleen Tan, CEO of Expedia Asia. “For Expedia, technology is key, localisation is important. In the past, development would be US first, then Europe and Asia third. Things are changing.” Get the full story at WIT