A new EyeForTravel report finds that in the hotel of the future it may become the norm for AI-powered speakers and chatbots to suggest activities, answer guest queries and deal with complaints. If approached correctly, using AI-powered voice and chat capabilities to do these tasks provides a more convenient channel for guest interactions that not only improves satisfaction with their stay, but can also drive revenues. Both chatbots and voice systems working through smart speakers can record all requests, which can then be integrated into a Property Management System (PMS). Largely these early investigations into interactive AI are as smart concierges for hotels, with both big and independent chains already deploying the technology. IHG is one of these. Working with a company called Mobiquity, IHG has been working to improve the guest experience with a conversational user interface through two new digital endpoints - voice and chatbots. Firstly, it has designed and developed a so-called Amazon Alexa ‘skill’ to act as a virtual concierge that can control everything from in-room lighting, to temperature, and music, as well as order room service. IHG has also used Facebook Messenger to build a chatbot which allows guests to receive pre-stay notifications directly through their accounts as well as view reservation details, explore neighbourhood guides, set stay preferences, and communicate with the hotel’s social care team. Get the full story at EyeForTravel