For major hotel brands, pre-recession (2007), 85% of all online bookings came via (i.e. direct) vs. 15% through the OTA channel (85:15 to OTA). In 2015 this ratio was closer to 60:40 to OTA, a substantial shift in favor of the OTAs. As for independents, this ratio is as low as 25:75 direct hotel website to OTAs. Hoteliers have the power to increase their direct online revenues and decrease their customer acquisition costs. All it takes is a renewed commitment to the direct online channel, an understanding that OTA commissions are not just the ‘cost of doing business,’ and an investment in the right mix of digital technology and marketing initiatives. To help put you on the path to direct online revenue success this year, we present the Smart Hotelier’s Top Ten Digital Marketing Resolutions for the sixteenth year in a row. Get the full story at HeBS Digital