Digital Content Marketing involves the distribution of engaging information across digital marketing channels – from blogs and social media to the property website and email marketing. The sole objective of this type of marketing is to lure travel consumers to engage with the hotel property and brand, providing enough value in the form of useful content to ultimately result in a hotel booking. The big question is, if Digital Content Marketing has been around since the mid-1990s, why is there so much attention on this marketing format lately? A big reason is the emergence of this multi-device, multi-touch world we now live in and the dramatic shift from desktop to mobile, tablet and wearable devices. Last year nearly 40% of web visitors arrived from non-desktop devices (mobile and tablet), while nearly 21% of bookings came from tablets and mobile devices (HeBS Digital Research). Living in a multi-device world means travel consumers are now always connected. Today’s sophisticated travel consumers do not trust the “hard” sale, nor are they impressed by “in your face” desktop-era advertising formats like banners, website pop-ups and sponsored emailers, which are perceived as more intrusive on smartphone and tablet devices. These consumers demand a personalized and highly value-rich marketing approach. They want to be courted and intrigued in order to consider your product or service. They need to be engaged with and by your hotel before booking their stay. Get the full story at HeBS Digital