As 2012 drew to a close – a rough year for many in the digital realm with its Penguin and Panda updates and requisite new content strategies formed accordingly – FHR, in collaboration with digital agency No Pork Pies, contacted a range of travel bloggers – with a survey to get a greater insight into the process of sponsoring travel sites. We got a total of 52 participants and created the infographic below based on findings. It was a time-consuming task that involved a lot of painstaking email-gathering, sifting through data and, of course, design hours. But the value in it is that a huge element of content strategy for agencies and brands is now about having close collaborations and strong professional relationships with the owners of these increasingly powerful media outlets, so it’s worth getting a closer look at how they work with sponsors, how many blogs each website owner runs, if and how they monetise their sites, what brands they choose to work with. The publication of The State of Travel Blogging 2013 brought on plenty of lively debate in forums, Twitter and blogs – many expressing surprise at the number of blogs that accept sponsored posts, and also the number of blogs some people run. We’re looking forward to tracking it long-term and finding out how much more the industry has changed by 2014. Get the full story at Business 2 Community