One of the most significant developments is that 2015 will be the year that Google finally becomes a force in hotel metasearch after nearly four years of near-irrelevance. The seeds were sewn in late 2014 when Google revamped the format of its Hotel Ads unit, bringing hotel metasearch right into search results and eliminating the need for users to navigate to its Google Hotel Finder site before being handed off anew to an online travel agency or hotel website. With the streamlined service, users can get from results to the online travel agency or hotel website in just two clicks. In essence, Google, with all of its search engine traffic and power has become a metasearch player without a metasearch site, and major hotel groups from InterContinental Hotels Group to Accor hotels are testifying to Google’s traction. While Trivago, Kayak, TripAdvisor, and Momondo are spending millions of dollars to introduce consumers to their metasearch services, Google is moving in on them with zero TV spend. After all, Google has something the others don’t have - the Google search engine. It is as if competitors’ worst nightmares are now coming into view, and it isn’t a dream. Get the full story and purchase the report at Skift