TravelClick, a leading provider in hotel market intelligence, uses its forward-looking data to offer unique industry insight into the European travel trends for the long weekend. The upcoming spring bank holiday is the perfect opportunity for us Brits to explore Europe in full bloom. Blue skies over our own capital, the blossom along the Seine and sunshine over Berlin’s sprawling Tiergarten are proving a draw for visitors to the continent. At this point in the booking window, more than half of Berlin’s hotel rooms are filled for the long weekend (56.3 per cent), with two-thirds booked for the night of Friday 23 May (66.8 per cent), while half of London’s hotel rooms are also already filled for the long weekend (48.6 percent). Perfect for a couples getaway, Paris – the city of romance – has half of its rooms filled for the spring bank holiday, with committed occupancy at 48.6 per cent. Slightly further afield, Madrid’s hotel bookings are up by 10.7 per cent and demand remains strong in the Italian capital of Rome, with 4 in 10 rooms filled for the bank holiday weekend (40.6 per cent). One quarter of rooms in Venice are also filled for the long weekend (23.3 per cent), an increase of 17 per cent on the spring bank holiday weekend in 2013. Related Link: TravelClick