Using cloud computing, in which systems and programs are shared and stored on off-site servers and accessed through the Internet, provides any property with a complete array of best-in-class computing systems—everything from property management to customer relationship management to point of sales and social media marketing and more—at affordable prices. At one time, hotel owners had to pay for expensive hardware, software systems, air-conditioned server rooms, maintenance contracts and on-site support personnel. A large convention hotel could amortize the costs over its 1,200 or 1,500 rooms. Installing the same array in a 35-room property was economically unfeasible and, as a result, independents often only had rudimentary technology capabilities. Now just about everything can be operated from a laptop or two in the property connected to the Internet. No other hardware is required, and the costs are easily justifiable for any size hotel. Get the full story at Hotel News Now