A recent study identified three top challenges facing organizations this year. 1. Sales Rep Ramp-Up: According to the report, 36% of organizations find "ramping up new sales reps takes too long" as one of the top reasons why their teams are failing to reach their quota goals. Unlike other roles, sales is one of the only jobs where you hire somebody with the expectation that you'll lose money over the first six months. This results in not only organizations losing money but also in adding pressure to sales leaders. 2: Personalization and Communicating Value: Sales teams are not meeting quotas in large part because they are not personalizing the buyer journey and communicating value at every turn. Some 55% of the organizations indicated that the reason for this is that they struggle to identify the tailored selling content among all the materials they have. Get the full story at MarketingProfs Read also "The ever-changing role of the Chief Marketer" at Direct Marketing News