1. Do you have experience in Hospitality SEO? Inherently different from the common retail site, a hotel website requires a unique set of standards and best practices in order to function properly and accrue revenue. A hospitality website must speak to both the travel consumer and the search engine in precise balance using engaging, quality content that has been optimized with strategic, geo-centric keyword terms. Users will learn about the property while being presented with clear calls-to-action to complete the booking process with ease. Along with unique, relevant property info and consistent brand tone throughout, the site must position the hotel as the hero of the destination. 2. Do you create engaging, quality content? Google’s ongoing algorithmic updates dictates website content must be deep, relevant, unique and editorial. In order for websites to avoid penalty (i.e. falling in the search engine ranks or being trashed altogether), there must be no duplicate content, no heavy ads and no spelling or factual errors, among many more high standards. Creating a structured content creation plan that adheres to these standards is not just recommended, but required. For instance, adding pages about events such as nearby college graduations, annual happenings or popular sporting events will help to create more depth in the site, give more real estate to targeted keyword terms and increase PPC campaigns’ quality scores. 3. How do you factor in the Hummingbird update? Content for the hotel website must align with the standards of “editorial quality” as mandated by the Hummingbird update. Local destination content is more important than ever, as this algorithm means to gather better, more intuitive results for users via conversational and destination-specific search queries. It is now crucial to overhaul your current website by adopting the latest CMS technology and create quality content that accurately represents your property and its destination. By doing so, Google will reward you handsomely. Get the full story at HeBS Digital