Whether you’re booking a flight, shopping for hotel rooms, or combing aggregator sites for a pop-up deal on a family vacation or adventure trip, chances are good that your query or transaction was processed by Amadeus, a provider of information technology that keeps the global travel industry moving. The behind-the-scenes player supports the entire ecosystem, including airlines, hotels, railways, car rental companies, travel agencies, and aggregators. The massive Amadeus network empowers nearly every stop on a traveler’s journey—from doing an initial search to booking flights, rooms, and rental cars, all the way through pricing and ticketing, managing reservations, and check-in and departure. In 2016, Amadeus processed more than 595 million travel agency bookings and boarded over 1.3 billion passengers. The sheer volume of transactions, coupled with shrinking margins and consumers’ increasing appetite for personalized experiences, has raised the stakes for the travel industry and set Amadeus off on its own digital transformation odyssey in the quest to out-innovate its competition. “The travel industry has been around for a long time, and the key systems supporting travelers have been around for many decades,” says Olaf Schnapauff, chief technology officer for Amadeus Data Processing. “Amadeus provides technology that completes the travel experience door to door. We’re strong in this market because we’ve always pushed the boundaries and provided customers with better and more modern ways to achieve their goals.” Get the full story at MIT Technology Review